I was invited to meet Gregg Wallace, presenter of Masterchef,  at the launch of his new cookbook, Cooks & Kids 3.  While we were chatting I decided to ask him how he makes his cheese on toast.

 We love Cheese on toast at Eating Ideas Towers! It’s just an easy favourite with so many ways of preparing it and so many flavour variations. I never get tired of hearing the many wonderful and sometimes weird ways that people make it. I couldn’t wait to hear Gregg’s favourite version.

 Unbelievably, he has never ever made it. This was a first for me. I have been asking this same question of people for many years and never before has someone admitted to not making it.

Having said that, Gregg was very happy to talk through how he would make it.

Here is the video of his ideal way to prepare it!


For details about the event and how to buy the book – click here


Gregg Wallace talks Cheese on Toast!
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4 responses to “Gregg Wallace talks Cheese on Toast!”

  1. Amanda B says:

    I lovce cheese on toast- cheddar on granary with a dash of worcester sauce

  2. Melanie says:

    was he nice?

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