The watergate Hotel in Newquay is situated in quite a dramatic setting with stunning views of the beach. It has a very casual atmosphere suitable for the surfers that usually frequent the place.
This is my second time in the hotel. The first time the sun was shining, we ate al fresco and I enjoyed a swim in the sea! This time sadly, the rain is beating down, the wind is howling and I have my winter coat on. No matter how bad the weather though, it still feels like a holiday as the crashing waves and skyline make for a great relaxing view
For lunch I ordered Bang Bang Chicken which comprised poached chicken, cucumber, carrot, chinese leaf and topped with a spicy peanut and sesame dressing. I love a peanut dressing but this didh was just a tad disappointing.
However the waiting staff were lovely and very attentive


a review of lunch in the Watergate hotel, Newquay
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