I do love sauces. Anything in a sauce works for me and a sauce on the side just completes a dish. Whenever there is a choice of sauce though- it creates a diIemna for me and I just struggle to decide.
I was in the Groomsport inn for a spot of lunch and ordered the cajun chicken goujons. I couldn’t decide between the choice of sweet chilli sauce and the pepper sauce so the very kind waitress told me I could have both- Dilemna over thank you very much!
The goujons were good with a light batter and a dressed salad. My only complaint would be that the plate of chips that came for sharing between 3 were definitely over done and looked as if the oil needed to be changed. I decided to forgive them this misdeed as they actually tasted good


torn between sweet chilli sauce and pepper sauce in the Groomsport Inn
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