Still no food in the cupboards so decided to go out for a light lunch in the Beechill Inn in Belfast. We weren’t overly hungry so opted to share a couple of starters. We chose the Mushroom medley which is a cheesy mushroom mix on french bread and the chicken liver pate which came with a redcurrant sauce and melba toast. My eyes were slightly too big for my belly so I suggested we order a portion of tobacco onions as well. This proved to be just a tad too much!
The pate was a winner, the mushroom mix a bit bland but the tobacco onions, although tasty, were just too greasy and sat in my tummy for too long, making me feel a bit queasy. I loved how they were seasoned but the grease was just too much and certainly made a mockery of our plans for “a light lunch’


sampling starters in the Beechill Inn
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