Veda malt loaf is the King of breads! This is an all time favourite of mine and it is best served toasted and dripping with butter.

I once worked in the Ormo bakery in Belfast which made Veda bread and every time I smell it, it evokes really strong memories of that time.

As yesterday was  St. Patrick’s day, I thought that it was fit and proper that I have something traditionally Irish and so, reached for the Veda. I served it with butter and smoked salmon with lemon and black pepper. A great combination!

Carrying on the theme, I also had some roasted gammon with Cauliflower cheese last night.  Not strictly completely Irish was was plain and wholesome so that will do!

Veda bread is the King of breads!
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2 responses to “Veda bread is the King of breads!”

  1. Sam says:

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  2. Shardy says:

    Your post was very informative thank you for that

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