I met my friend for a quick bite in Chiswick and we happened upon the Annapurna.  I have heard of this restaurant and have been keen to visit for a while.  The restaurant is known for its Nepalese fayre and boasts of using a uniques blend of spices that are freshly ground in the restaurant.  To be honest, that was enough to get my attention.

The restaurant was quiet when we arrived but in fairness it was quite quiet.  The staff were really friendly and helpful without being too overbearing

We ordered some poppodoms to start which are an absolute favourite of mine.  Sometimes the dips can be a disappointment but not on this occasion as there was a good range of spicy and mild dips including a hot pickle and a mango chutney.  It also had a really unusual spicy coconut dip which I had never had before and loved!  I had to stop myself from ordering more as they were so lovely and I was hungry.

For our main, we split a chicken madras which is a Northern Nepalese hot and spicy speciality, and a pilau rice.  We also ordered a naan bread and chana masala as chick peas are one of my all time favourite ingredients

I have no compaints about the Annapurna and I definitely will be revisiting.  A big thanks to the waiter who kindly organised my taxi home.  My belly was so full I couldnt even think of walking!

some curries are just to die for…
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