Day 2 of the Dukan diet and surprisingly, I didn’t wake up hungry. After a leisurely start to the day with a soak in the bath, I had to think about what to make for breakfast.
One of the rules of Dukan is that you have to have a tablespoon and a half of oatbran every day. An easy way to get this is by making Oat galettes.

To make these you beat one egg, add one and a half table spoons of oat bran and fat free yoghurt. Mix until smooth.
Add a spray of oil to a pan and spread with a piece of kitchen roll. Spoon the mixture into 4 small pancake shapes and fry until bubbling and you can flip with a palette and fry on the other side
I served 2 for breakfast with some low fat bacon and a boiled egg. Sadly I detest the texture of egg white so it was just an egg yolk! I cooked the bacon in the George Forman grill just to make sure that any fat was removed.  Very filling actually.


bacon, egg and oat galette
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