I was sent a selection of delicious snacks from the team at Chika.  I was aware of the brand, having seen Chika Russell herself appear on Dragons Den and turn down the offer of investment but had never actually tasted them.  West Africa has some of the world’s most delicious snacks and now Chika is sharing her range, bringing the best to the West!

Chika sent me smoked almonds, chickpea crisps, Chilli and lime cashews and honey spiced almonds to try.  Not wanting to gorge on the whole lot, Mr Eating Ideas and I shared them with my mum and nephew.  They all had a favourite but for me it was hard to choose as I adore savoury snacks!  The smoked almonds had the taste of paprika and a proper smokey flavour.  The chickpea crisps happily are lower in fat than standard crisps and while they were mild, they were certainly tasty.  I love chickpeas and add them to everything but this was a new take even for me.  Cashews have to be my favourite nut and the chilli and lime flavour combination was perfect for me.  The honey spiced almonds were a little sweet for my palette but I still found myself reaching for another as they were very moreish!

All the snacks are gluten-free with natural flavourings.  An added benefit is that Chika has a snack for Change initiative to help give children an education.  Every time someone subscribes to a snack box they are helping a child to attend school in Africa.

You can find out more about Chikas here or visit their Facebook page here

A little taste of Africa with Chika Snacks
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