Jane Devonshire on cheese on toast

Masterchef champion, Jane Devonshire shares her favourite way of making cheese on toast

We love Cheese on toast at Eating Ideas.  It is the ultimate comfort food and never disappoints!   I have become slightly obsessed with it and it is one of my favourite topics of conversation.  It may seem like the easiest thing in the world to make but I have been doing extensive research and it seems no two people make their cheese on toast in the same way.

I was lucky enough to meet the winner of Masterchef 2016, Jane Devonshire, at a Fivemiletown Cheese event.  She is a truly delightful lady, really friendly and easy to talk to.  We quickly got on to my favourite subject of cheese on toast and she happily shared her thoughts on the best way of making it.  You can see the video below.

Here are some of the points of difference when it comes to how people assemble their preferred cheese on toast:

  • Bread- brown, white, wheaten, malt, sourdough, brioche?  The choices are endless!
  • Toasted- one side, both sides, grilled?
  • Cheese- what type, Cheddar, Edam, Red Leicester, Cheshire? The list goes on!
  • Cheese preparation- sliced or grated?
  • Additions- Worcester sauce, pickle, mayo? Anything goes!

I know you are now thinking that you really fancy a piece of cheese on toast so please go ahead but do me a favour and let me know how you make it.  Contact me on Twitter or Instagram @Eating_ideas or on Facebook- www.facebook.com/eatingideas.  Use the hashtag #Cheeseontoast

Here is the video:

Masterchef champion 2016, Jane Devonshire, talks cheese on toast
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