Prize Giveaway: Tayto Castle Family Pass For Eating Ideas Readers

The country is going Euro crazy with both Ireland and Northern Ireland playing in the European Championship.  To celebrate, the lovely folk at Tayto have given us a family pass to Tayto Castle and a case of their aptly flavoured French onion crisps to give away to a lucky reader.

If you have never done the tour you are missing out.  It really is informative, interesting and best of all- good fun.  There are several opportunities to sample a variety of Tayto products and you may even get some to take home.  What’s not to like about that?

To enter all you have to do is comment on this post with your favourite Tayto flavour.  It’s really that simple.  Obviously it would be great if you could share this with your friends and followers on social media.

The draw will be made at 12 noon on Thursday 30 June 2016

Win a family pass to Tayto Castle and a case of French onion crisps
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30 responses to “Win a family pass to Tayto Castle and a case of French onion crisps”

  1. Marianne Cleary says:

    Prawn Cocktail

  2. Stephen kelley says:

    My favourite Tayto flavour has to be the original Tayto Cheese and onion !

  3. Julie Kelley says:

    My favourite is prawn cocktail.

  4. Sandra McAlister says:

    Always cheese and onion!

  5. heather gracey says:

    My favourite flavour is taytos famous cheese and onion.

  6. heather gracey says:

    Taytos famous cheese and onion is my favourite flavour

  7. Debby Walker says:

    I would really love to go there with my niece

  8. Lesley Crozier says:

    Has to be Hand Cooked Irish Roast Beef & Peppercorn Sauce for snacking or for lunch a whole bag of cheese and onion between 2 slices of white pan with real butter… #lunchsorted

  9. Liane Mccreanor says:

    All of them haha at a push though it has to be pickled onion 🙂

  10. Peter O'Hare says:

    It has to be Spring Onion! AND i have never been to Tayto Castle #fingerscrossed

  11. Sarah says:

    That’l be the Tayto Cheese and Onion the taste of Irish home along with a little cup of tea brings a smile to all the familyyyy #Thetasteofhome

  12. Lynne says:

    I am loving all your favourite flavour suggestions. I’m struggling to choose my own favourite!

  13. Lexy Law says:

    I love prawn cocktail flavour inbetween 2 slices of buttered pan bread. #TheTasteOfHome

  14. Roisin Mallin says:

    Ohhhh – it’s Spring Onion. The best! Never been to Tayto Castle either! #hereshoping #fingerscrossed

  15. Alan Shanley says:

    Only one flavour for me and it’s cheese and onion. Why? It’s everything a crisp should be (and way more). More importantly though, a pack of Tayto Cheese and Onion is everything an Irish crisp should be. And what other crisps taste equally delicious whether eaten straight from the pack on their own, in tandem with a chocolate bar or in an actual (white bread!) sandwich with real butter? Actually, this is making me want some right now….

  16. Simon Simms says:

    I love good old cheese and onion with pint of beer its like ambrosia!

  17. Ben Matthews says:

    I’m more of a walkers crisps kinda guy (sorry my tayto) but my favourite in both is prawn cocktail – beats the Leicester brand’s version hands down!

  18. Patricia Baxter says:

    Has to be Prawn Cocktail (but cheese and onion a close 2nd!)

  19. Melissa Rose says:

    Prawn Cocktail always!!!

  20. Emma Middleton says:

    Has to be the best flavour ever….. Cheese and Onion!! Best between 2 slices of soft pan bread and proper butter with a hot mug of tea!! #heaven

  21. Jo Crossley says:

    Uhhmmm….I do love wucester sauce flavour…they are yum diddlyumptious!!

  22. Emer Kielt says:

    Tayto Cheese & Onion

  23. Sinead says:

    Cheese and onion of course.

  24. Donna Caldwell says:

    It’s Gotta be Tayto Cheese & Onion its yummylicious

  25. Jackie Johnston says:

    Cheese and onion although Im very partial to the bacon flavour too.

  26. Elizabeth Cherry says:

    Roast Chicken …but would Love a Trip to the Castle just to try the rest make sure ! xx

  27. Leona rock says:

    Cheese and onion original Thee best !

  28. Claire says:

    Tayto cheese and onion of course!

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