#Odetofood competition

Wednesday 24th February 2016 by Lynne

This is my entry to the #Odetofood competition that took place as part of the Northern Ireland year of food and drink #EnjoyNI106. I’m no poet but felt compelled to share my love of Tayto crisps!

Lynne Crowther & Mr Pat-Tayto

Lynne Crowther & Mr Pat-Tayto

2016 has been designated the Northern Ireland year of Food and Drink!  What better way to celebrate the diversity and brilliance of local produce?

As part of the year long celebration, people are being encouraged to use the hashtag #EnjoyNI2016.  There is also a competition called #OdetoBelfast which is a call for people to submit poems and rhymes featuring their favourite local brands.

While I am certainly no poet, I do love the idea of this and so have decided to give it a go.  My hero local product is the humble Tayto Crisp, loved by all and shipped on demand around the world.  I have had occasion to visit the Tayto factory on many occasions. firstly when I was setting up a new factory tour for Coca-Cola and wanted some inspiration and more lately as part of a public tour which I took with some friends.  Both occasions were hugely enjoyable and large quantities of crisps were consumed!

If you have never done the tour, get yourself booked on.  It’s educational, informative and entertaining.  Best of all, you get to sample Tayto crisps at every stage along the way and get a few to take away!

The mascot for Tayto is Mr Tayto and I only found out recently that he has a first name, Pat.  I met Pat Tayto at a horse racing event at Down Royal Racecourse and because of that, I am dedicating my ode to him!

Here is my #OdetoFood


I love Mr. Tayto, my Pat

He eats crisps but never gets fat!

They are locally fried

That can’t be denied

They’re delicious and that is that!

#Odetofood competition
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3 responses to “#Odetofood competition”

  1. Mary barr says:

    love cheese and onion tatyo crisps- hope you win the comp!

  2. Paula C says:

    haha- very funny- can’t believe you met Mr tayto!

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