January is traditionally a time for detoxes and this year is no different.  having said that, I delayed the start of the detox to allow me to sample these delicious fruit infused vodkas and gins.

My allotment guru pal, Mandy makes these by combining fruit, sugar and either vodka or gin. I am keen to give these a go and if you want to try too, the general idea is the get the right balance of sugar and fruit to the spirit to suit your taste palette.  I am hopeful that Mandy’s friends can convince her to start selling these as that would be more appealing and definitely more convenient!

I asked my best chum, Rachel to help me with this mission and while we are both more likely to be seen with a glass of Pino Grigio, we were happy to give it a go!

We tried a pretty wide range of the drinks and I must say they are absolutely delicious.  Slightly dangerous it must be said as some of them taste like fruit cordials so proceed with caution if you do try these.

Here are a few of our observations:

Raspberry vodka: This is sharp then sweet, almost with a toffee note.  You can almost feel the goodness of the vitamin C- definitely dangerous!

Limoncello: Zesty but very sweet.  This would be delicious over ice or with a dessert

Rhubarb and Orange gin: This has a lovely combination of flavours with the emphasis on the rhubarb.  This would be perfect with prosecco

Gooseberry gin:  This immediately brought back memories of eating gooseberries in the garden as a kid.  The taste of gooseberries comes straight through and made me want to make a boozy gooseberry fool

Blueberry gin: This was a tricky one as with every sip, we were debating what the flavour reminded us of.  The only thing that we could agree on was the taste of a jagerbomb.  Jagermeister itsself tastes rank so it must taste  a little of the red bull- random!!!

Delicious infusions sampled- Now to focus on the annual detox!



Sampling fruit infused spirits
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2 responses to “Sampling fruit infused spirits”

  1. Rachel says:

    They were just fabulous! Look forward to future sampling.

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