The sun is shining and all is good with the world so what better time to try an experimental Gin and Tonny Ice lolly!.  I decided to create these a while back when my friends, Ali and David were over for a visit from London.  Sadly, we forgot all about them and they have been lurking in the freezer ever since.

In my mind, there is never a wrong occasion for a refreshing G& T so why not a frozen one?  I wasn’t sure if this would work as Gin doesn’t freeze but I gave them a go anyway.

All you have to do is make up a normal G& T in a tall glass with lots of tonic and a squeeze of fresh lime.  Pour into the ice lolly moulds and leave them in the freezer.

I have to say that they worked well and tasted pretty refreshing.  Long may the sunshine continue as I wouldn’t mind another!

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A Gin & Tonny Ice Lolly in the Autumn sun! (not suitable for chickens)
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