Adding a spoonful of honey to my porridge this morning, I found myself thinking about how much good it was doing to me!  I love honey- I absolutely believe that it is one of the most perfect food sources with so many uses!

Many years ago when I was a youngster starting out in work, I had to do some research on honey for some reason.  The things I learned about the it’s benefits have stayed with me ever since.

Did you know that if you take a spoonful of honey  in the morning it will help you to wake up and a spoonful at night will help you to sleep?

One of the best qualities of honey is it’s healing properties.  If you put some on a burn or cut it will start to soothe it immediately and it is an instant help for a sore throat

For sufferers of hayfever, honey can be a big help.  Eating honey made by local bees can relieve the allergies caused by pollen.  I seem to have developed hayfever quite recently and I need to find some locally produced honey to see if it can have any impact on my sore and streaming eyes

Manuka honey, while very pricey, has seriously good antibacterial properties but even the bog standard normal honeys have healing properties and even end up in beauty and hair treatments

While I am waxing lyrical about the wonders of honey, I really should stress that it tastes good too- especially on a piece of hot buttered toast!  Thats my kind of medicine…


Why I love honey…
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