Regular readers will know that I am quite the fan of honey with it’s many and varied benefits.  As I continue my efforts to detox my system and endeavour to be more healthy, I have been introduced to delights of active Manuka Honey.

This product comes from New Zealand where beekeepers set up their hives in wild uncultivted areas in which Manuka bushes grow. The bees gather nectar from the flowers of the Manuka bush, which is indigenous only to New Zealand. Generally considered to have special healing properties, both inside and out,  a range of research has been carried out to prove this.

Most honeys contain a naturally occurring active agent which, although it supports good health, is easily destroyed when exposed to heat and light. Manuka honey contains an extra, naturally occurring active ingredient, which makes it different from other honeys. The extra component is stable and doesn’t lose its potency when exposed to heat, light or dilution. Its special quality is referred to as UMF and the higher the UMF, the more potent the honey and its benefits (not surprisingly, the cost escalates dramatically along with the UMF rating- This is not a cheap product!)

It is considered to have both antiviral and antibacterial actions which suits me as I am absolutely loaded with a bad cold and need all the healing help I can get!  While I would normally be piling this onto buttered toast, in my current attempt to be healthy, I am adding it to hot lemony drinks and so far, I am finding that it is soothing my sore throat and painful cough.

Fingers crossed that this will give me the cure I need.  In the meantime, it tastes pretty good!


Absorbing the benefits of active Manuka honey
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