My friend Mandy has been busy as ever in her allotment (I still want one)  Hot news is that she has harvested onions that were planted at beginning of November and are now drying out.

I must admit I have no understanding of the growing process of onions but I am slightly fascinated by home grown produce.  It really must be better for you than shop bought stuff- I mean- what exactly do they put on onions that makes them last for weeks on end without going off?  Regular readers will know that I have been trying, with mixed success, to grow some vegetables in pots.  Allotment growing really takes it to the next level.  Mandy assures me that leeks will be the next to come  so I am trying to think of good leeky recipes

Onions definitely are a staple in most of the things I cook but in honour of Mandy’s onions I am sharing my top tip on chopping onions without crying

Onions from Mandy's allotment
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