I do love tennis (watching not playing!!) and am sad that this year that I don’ t have any tickets for Wimbledon.  Tradition has it that strawberries and cream are the order of the day during this tournament and even though I am watching at home, I am keen to keep up the standards.

I have just picked these strawberries from their pot and they are delicious.  They definitely taste superior to shop bought ones.  Its been a battle to keep the slugs away but has been worth it!

I must admit to using natural yoghurt instead of cream but thats only because I prefer it and the added bonus is that it makes it a healthier option.

Anyone for tennis?

Strawberries for Wimbledon
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2 responses to “Strawberries for Wimbledon”

  1. Idris says:

    I do sort of pre-plan meals since we very seldom eat out. Lucky for me my famliy is very easy to please so it is not a struggle for me. If you have a slow cooker you should try using it. You would be surprised how simple you can make “the meat” of your meal in it. I think if you give DJ 2 choices ahead of time and he picks one then you will have something to work with instead of trying to figure out what to make at the last minute. It is actually tricking him since he thinks he gets to choose from the two options you give him. If all else fails you just mnake him eat what is on his plate!

  2. Viktoriya says:

    A really good laugh seems hard to come by semotimes. Hope some come your way. .

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