I have never tried cooking halloumi cheese before so thought it was about time.  Its never a good idea to try something for the first time when entertaining but thats exactly what Idid.  Thankfully it turned out well!

To cook it I cut a block of halloumi into slices and dry fried it.  Lots of milky liquid came out of it but I poured that away and it soon began to brown.  Once browned on one side, I flipped over the slices to brown on the other side.

Once that was done, I served the slices on a bed of rocket leaves and topped with sweet chilli sauce.  This was a great combination as the sweetness of the chilli sauce balanced out the saltiness of the halloumi and the peppery rocket added texture.

I am delighted to report that all who ate it thoroughly enjoyed it- success!

Halloumi and sweet chilli
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  1. Destrie says:

    Thank God! Somenoe with brains speaks!

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