Regular readers will know that I have been hankering after these Flower towers.  I have finally succumbed and bought two, one for strawberries and one for tomatoes.  I have now planted the strawberries and interspersed with some mint.  The absolute beauty of the Flower tower is that it has a central watering system.  This is basically an internal tube down the centre of the tower which strategically placed holes which release the water at the right level for each plant.  Its really very clever, especially when there is a hosepipe ban!

I am also hoping that the shiny surface of the flower tower will be enough to prevent the dreaded slugs from climbing up and eating all the strawberries.

All that remains is to wait for the strawberries to grow and I am already planning a serving of them with ice- cream.  Bring it on!

Growing strawberries in a flower tower
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