My friend Rachel makes an absolutely blinding stuffed aubergine. Well if truth be told, she does a range of stuffed vegetables but this is my favourite!
She invited me round for a quick bite and to my delight this was on the menu. Its a lovely, warming, comfort supper for a chilly evening
To make it she roasted an aubergine in the oven. While it was cooking, she fried onion, chopped courgette, nushrooms and chopped bacon with the fat removed. She added a tin of tomatoes and seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli powder and cumin, then simmered to reduce the liquid and thicken the sauce.
She filled the aubergine halves with the sauce, topped with grated cheese (she used low fat stuff for a healthier option) and baked in the oven until the cheese was golden and bubbling.
It really was delicious!
I love a friend who feeds me lovely food!


Stuffed aubergine a la Rachel
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