I am a sucker for soups. I love them! Soup is always comforting to me, no matter what my mood.
There are very few soups that I don’t like, except perhaps for scotch broth and vegetable soup when it has loads of stringy vegetables that drape from the spoon
I was sitting in the Flybmi lounge and saw what I had never noticed before- a big tureen of soup! How could that have escaped my notice before?
I sidled up to it, purely out of curiosity, and to my delight found it full of steaming hot mushroom soup. If there is one thing worse than stringy vegetable soup, it is lukewarm soup!!
I ladled some into the paper cup provided and managed to swerve the bread rolls.
I have to say, I really enjoyed it. It was hot, creamy, well seasoned and most importantly, full of mushrooms!
Who knew that British Midland did a good soup??


Earlier in the day, I had a delicious breakfast of oatbran pancakes, egg (yolk only) and bacon.  Really filling and delicious

just trying out Flybmi mushroom soup..
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