pre cinema Nandos always works.  We were so hungry that we had tucked into it before I remembered to take a photo!  Nandos is an odd concept.  You pay like at a fast food joint but it is then waiter service.  For some reason I only ever go when I am going to the cinema (Hunger games in case you were wondering!)

When we arrived at the Vue Acton branch, we were very short on time but faced with a long queue.   The girl at the door was really sweet and said she would do what she cold to get us speeded up.  She was true to her word and we got to the film on time

In the past I have always stuck to the chicken breast in pitta as I dont really like eating chicken off the bones.  I was delighted to see that there is now a butterfly chicken breast.  I maybe just havent seen it before.  I ordered it with chips and corn on the cob

going to the cinema and Nandos just go together perfectly
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