Dining in the Passy Mandarin in Paris was quite an experience.  A group of us ordered the set meny wihch did seem to feature a lot of duck!  The first course was the duck spring rolls which I normally love.  On this occasion however, the waiter delicately carved the skin of the duck and served the skin with the pancakes and plum sauce.  I couldnt cope with that so just had the pancakes and vegetables.  We did have a considerable amount of debate as to where the duck had gone

It then reappeared with noodles and was actually very tasty indeed.  There were also platters of fish and beef dishes with rice.

The whole meal was rounded off with fresh fruit which was lovely and light to finish.

All in al a very enjoyable experience, even if not all to my taste


I always love a Lazy Susan….








 carving the duck








 Duck pancakes










 Duck with noodles








 fresh fruit salad




getting every bit of the duck in the Passy Mandarin, Paris
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