I was invited to the globe Theatre to participate in a wine tasting event and dinner, organised by the Chief Wine Officer.  I wasnt really sure what to expect but it turned out to be really good fun.  We got to sample an extensive range of champagnes, white, red and dessert wines.  I did have the good sense to sip them as opposed to gulping which would be my usual habit.  During the wine tasting we were served a pretty decent meal.  The starter was smoked salmon with brown bread and an oyster.  I am not a fan of oysters but did enjoy the salmon.

The main course was fillet steak with Bearnnaise butter, giant chunky chips and a ramekin filled with portabello mushroom, baked tomato and rocket.  Steak and chips would normally be the last thing I would choose but there was only one option.  In the end, I really quite enjoyed it.

I was absolutely delighted at the  end of the wine tasting to win the overall prize of a beautiful case containing a rather fine bottle of champagne and one of wine, which I was able to choose from the wines we had sampled



Wine tasting with the Chief Wine officer
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