Out in St Andrews and never thought to book a restaurant! After trailing round the streets, we happened upon this charming little Indian restaurant, the Jahangir. It was packed to the brim but they still managed to squeeze us in. It has an oriental yet homely atmosphere and the staff were very helpful, advising us on suitable amounts to order. In fairness, when we finished, we agreed that we had ordered the perfect amount.
Between 5 of us we ordered a delicious mix of Balti passanda, Butter chicken, Lamb malayan kurma, Chicken chasni, Chicken tikka masala, Rice, naan and paratha. We didn’t opt for the Haggis bhajis which although an interesting Scottish/ Indian fusion, sounded absolutely foul!
While we may have ordered a lot, at least we didn’t fill up on poppodoms and starters.
I have to say, there wasn’t much left by the time we finished.
I definitely would recommend the Jahangir


enjoying a feast at the Jahangir
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