I was travelling to Paris on the Eurostar, luckily in business premier class. After an early start and quite a few emergency wake up coffees, I was delighted to be offered breakfast.
The Eurostar catering is a collaberation with Alain Roux and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
This is by far a superior offering to my normal transport providers, British Airways and Flybmi. I was offered a choice of English breakfast or a continental plate. When I opted for the plate, I was then offered a choice between ham, cheese + grilled halloumi and salmon with cream cheese which I chose. This came served with orange juice, mineral water, a mini Yeo valley organic greekstyle yoghurt with honey and coffee.
Breakfasting on the Eurostar is definitely the way to start a little day trip to France. I am already intrigued by what I might be offered on my return journey!


a leisurely breakfast on the Eurostar
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