I love Jamie Oliver, I love the brand, the food and the recipes.  I was excited to visit Jamies Italian at Westfield with 4 pals.  We were all starving and ordered a range of starters, including a sharer plank with meats, chillis, italian cheese, olives and crunchy salad of  shaved carrot & beets with chilli, lemon & loads of mint.  We also ordered the arancina and roasted peppers on chick pea bread.  In fairness there were 5 of us and we couldnt agree on a shorter list of options.  They all were fabulous and it was clean plates all round

For my main course I decided against pasta and went totally against any previous form.  I asked the charming waiter for his recommendation and he extolled the virtues of the braised british shin of beef.  This is something I would never normally opt for but it was a good sell!  It was cooked overnight with sweet sticky onions & balsamic vinegar.  It came served with parmesan polenta and was totally delicious.  It cost £13.95.  My friends ordered a variety of pasta dishes and all enjoyed them

The decor and atmosphere in the restaurant are just right for a casual dining experience and there is a good wine menu.  If I had to make one complaint and it really is only one, it would be that my friend ordered the bolgnese to come with spaghetti when it normally comes with tagliatelle.  They got the pasta wrong and she was a bit disappointed.  In fairness the waiter was very apologetic and offered to bring the right serving

only one complaint about Jamie's Italian, Westfield
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