Bar remo is a cafe/ restaurant in Princes Street, near Oxford Circus.  its a venue that I have visited several times over the past 10 years or so, albeit sporadically.  In central London, its difficult to find somewhere to eat that offers value for money but this is is one such gem!

On arrival we were warmly greeted by Elsa, who I believe is the owner’s mother.  There must have been around 16 people in the queue ahead of us but Elsa cheerfully assured us that we would get seated soon and offered us a complimentary glass of chilled white wine.  I must say that I usually cant be bothered with queues of  any description but a glass of wine certainly took the egde off and in no time at all, we were being shown to our seats downstairs.

When I first visited Bar Remo all those years agao, my preferred option was always the baked potato but these days the potatoes are off the menu in favour of a totally Italian menu with a good range of all the staple pizza and pasta dishes and some daily specials.  A few of the dishes are even named after Elsa which seems like a loving tribute to a hardworking mother!

My friend and I have very similar tastes and we often go half and half on 2 differerent dishes so thats what we did here.  Having been on the dukan plan, I dithered a bit before deciding to abandon it for the day in favour of pasta!!  We chose Pasta Norma which had onion and aubergine in a tomato sauce and Pasta Pesto Genovese which contained basil, pine kernals and parmesan  Both were huge servings and good value at £6.50 each.

We cleaned both plates but both agreed that the Norma dish was just a little bland and the Genovese a total winner!

The staff were attentive and couteous and the place buzzing with activity.  A warm and welcome touch was the complimentary Limocellos at the end

Review of Bar Remo
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