As I am a big fan of spicy food this jumped off the menu at me. Chilli Beef Burrito served with salad. Am now keen to try making this myself


Chilli Beef Burrito + salad
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4 responses to “Chilli Beef Burrito + salad”

  1. Lucio Louch says:

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  2. Danilo says:

    I’m here and I’m yummy and I’m perfect This time I had the grileld chicken burrito with pinto beans, cilantro-lime rice, mild tomato-salsa, guacamole, cheese and hot salsa. There’s nothing that any chef in the world could have done to make it taste better.

  3. Eduwin says:

    I have to admit I am a blog stalker and have been raenidg your blog anonymously. This post deserves a comment though! I went there today for lunch (it’s a 3-minute walk from where I work) and it was fabulous! I am definitely going to go there a lot! Thank you!

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